Dog attack while running

Prays and good energy to this girl:

I’m almost sick with worry over The Beebs tonight.

Four chow dogs attacked her while we ran trails Tuesday afternoon.

It happened so fast, so unexpectedly. One minute we ran through the Mt. Marathon Bowl, the next two dogs charged my dog.

Beebs tried to run and slipped in a hole. Her hip jammed between two rocks and the dogs attacked.

It was awful. The dogs were in a frenzy. By the time Beebs got loose, the other two dogs had gotten away from the owners and all four dogs were on my dog.

They were wild, like wolves in a nature film. I’ve never seen anything like it. They had my dog down flat on the ground and bit her, over and over.

Beebs screamed and screamed. I had never heard a dog scream before. I never want to again.

I kicked and punched, while the owner hit them with sticks, but they wouldn’t let go.

The attack lasted about five minutes. It was horrible. Beebs shook and bled by the time the owners finally managed to pull their dogs off.

I grabbed Beebs’ collar and rushed her away. Two of the dogs followed and attacked her again.

It was awful. I have NO idea why the dogs weren’t on leashes or why the owners didn’t put them on leashes as soon as they pulled them away from my dog.

I asked for their names and phone number, so I could send the vet bill.

The guy, whose face was bleeding by then, immediately became aggressive (like dog, like owner) and screamed back at me that my dog had bit him and he wasn’t paying any fffffing vet bill, that he neeed to go to the hospital.

Yeah, right. My dog is flat on her back locked down by four chow jaws and she bites this dude? She couldn’t even lift her head.

I reported the dog and owners to the police.

And I’m angry. I’m furious. BeeBee has a gash on her hip, her shoulder and a small hole out of her belly. She can’t walk without assistance, she’s in pain and she’s panting and restless.

I want those dogs either put down or enrolled in serious obedience training. I don’t want to EVER see them on the trails unleashed again.

Because think of it: If my dog had been smaller, she’d be dead. Worse yet, what if the dogs charged a child or even a person next time? There’s no way I could have defended myself against those jaws.

Probably, though, nothing will happen. Probably the owner will get a slap on the hand and that will be that.

I’m carrying bear spray from now on, even in winter.

Everyone: Please be safe out there on the trails and the roads.

 Running: 2.5 miles (was gonna run more at the gym but didn’t want to leave Beebs home alone, sigh, sigh)

Reading: “Isabel’s Daughter,” by Judith Hendricks

3 thoughts on “Dog attack while running

  1. ajh

    Oh no! I hope your Beebs is okay! That must have been so awful to watch. The dog owner sounds like an idiot! I hope you get some satisfaction from the police.

    I have read Isabel's Daughter and other books by that author. I just finished Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt. I am watching The Good Wife. Have you seen it? I love it!


  2. Anne

    I'm so sorry to read this, that is awful! I really hope Beebs feels better quickly. I never understand how dog owners can let their dogs get away with this!! I get frustrated just reading this…hugs ((()))
    Thanks for letting us know what you're reading…I love reading and checking out any book I haven't read yet 🙂


  3. Mary

    that's awful. This is why a lot of trails are posted as dogs on leash, and people complain about that, because their dogs are “friendly”! Not so much.


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