Running through sadness

I started this post when I was in Tucson last week. It was a light-beat, slightly sardonic–you know, the usual writing blog stuff. I never finished it, though. For years I worked as editor and sole writer of small Alaska newspapers and one of my tasks was taking enough photos to fill a weekly paper. […]

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A moose-less miracle

Well, it finally happened. A small miracle occurred in the woods of the west part of Anchorage. Yeah, those woods. For we ran (and brace yourself, now) on the Kincaid Park trails and saw no (no!) moose. Gasp! I didn’t blog much this past summer so you’re probably not aware of the frequently of moose […]

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Turnagain Arm Trail, in the sunshine

No time for words but you get the drift, eh? This week’s stats: Monday: Rest Tuesday: 10.20 miles; weights; 30 minutes bike Wednesday: 6 miles; 40 laps swim Thursday: 4 miles (hilly) Friday: Rest; 4 mile hike Saturday: 15.5 miles (lots ‘o hills) Sunday: 6.2 miles; 50 laps swim P.S. Dreaming about this race: Rocky […]

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Autumn runs, and more dog love

It’s still autumn in Alaska, which means that the temps are holding in the upper 40s-50s range. Which also, of course, means that the running is awesome. The sad thing is that I’m pretty deep into writing projects at the moment and haven’t had time to get away as far as I’d like (I’d love […]

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Autumn running with dogs

Well, it’s fall up here in Alaska, one of my favorite times of year though, unfortunately, I don’t exactly enjoy what follows: the long and cold and very dark winter. Still, what a joy to get out and run on the trails with whisper-flutter of autumn leaves. Last Thursday we picked up Peka, a beautiful blue-eyed […]

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RunFest 49K race report

Okay, I’ve had a few weeks to reflect on the Anchorage RunFest 49k Ultra Race and I feel the same way I did when I crossed the finish line, like cheering and bawling at the same time (which is exactly what I did when I crossed the finish line. I raised my arm in cheer […]

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Prospect to Glen Alps and back (wheee!)

First, I must shamefully admit that I have two race reports I still need to write. I can’t seem to get my butt in gear. I think I have summer-itis, you know, that giddy feeling you get when it’s warm and light almost all night and sitting at a desk in front of a screen feels like […]

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Nailed it!

I nailed my 20 mile fast-finish trail run. This was a welcome surprise after my dismal 18-miler. I was terrified that I would bonk, yet that never happened. Except for an emergency bathroom stop at mile 14, I ran comfortably the whole way. I did the first 10 miles with Seriously, the dog we co-parent. […]

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18 not so glorious miles

So there I was, just past 14 miles of my 18 mile trail run, crouched down in the bushes, my shorts pushed around my ankles as I pretended to go to the bathroom; really I just wanted to get the hell off my feet. Don’t get me wrong. I had to go. I just didn’t […]

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