Ouch: Back-to-back 20 milers

Last weekend I ran back-to-back 20 milers. It wasn’t as dreadful as I expected, at least not the beginning. In fact, I very much enjoyed the first 20 miler, most of which was run over the Tucson Mountain Park trails. The sun was shining, I felt strong, my legs felt strong; it was one of […]

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Just not feeling it

Okay, so we are now in Tucson. Which is my happy place. Which is where I’ve been dreaming of returning to for months. And you know what? I’m just not feeling the runs this year. Yeah, I’m happy to be out of the cold and the snow, happy to be in the sunshine, happy to […]

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Close to death, during a run

I’ve been racking up the winter miles, logging back-to-back doubles most weekends and really, it has been going well. Until last night, when something happened that made me re-examine my love for running, my writing and just about every other damned thing in my life. I was running the Coastal Trail in the late afternoon […]

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C-c-cold running

Yeah, we had a bit of a cold run tonight. The temp was 14 out where we live and colder still along the water, which of course is where we chose to run. Probably if we’d get our asses out the door earlier and run in the daylight we’d be warmer. But we can’t seem […]

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Alaska winter darkness

It’s dark up here in Alaska. Really dark. And getting darker. We’re down to about six hours of daylight and losing four minutes a day. By mid-December, we’ll end up with just over five hours of daylight. And trust me: Nineteen hours of darkness can take its toil. Which is why I run. And swim. […]

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Back in Alaska again

Oh, Alaska, how I missed you. I missed your winter blues and your short and stubborn days and the thin coating of ice lingering in hidden pockets of the trail so that whenever I stretch out the pace, my foot slips and I have to rein it back in again and slow the heck down. […]

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Getting my ass out the door

Why is it sometimes so difficult to get my ass out the door and go for a run? It was sunny in Philly, and breezy, and I had a medium length run planned with a lot of hills the first four miles and then just enough after that to keep it interesting. Basically, a slow-paced […]

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City running, and Valley Forge

I’m not a pavement runner. Back in Anchorage, I rarely run on the road except to reach the Coastal Trail, which is exactly 1.6 miles from our house. In fact, I rarely run on the paved Coastal. I prefer “real” trails and rough footing and no one around but the trees and the wind and […]

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Running through sadness

I started this post when I was in Tucson last week. It was a light-beat, slightly sardonic–you know, the usual writing blog stuff. I never finished it, though. For years I worked as editor and sole writer of small Alaska newspapers and one of my tasks was taking enough photos to fill a weekly paper. […]

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A moose-less miracle

Well, it finally happened. A small miracle occurred in the woods of the west part of Anchorage. Yeah, those woods. For we ran (and brace yourself, now) on the Kincaid Park trails and saw no (no!) moose. Gasp! I didn’t blog much this past summer so you’re probably not aware of the frequently of moose […]

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