Sis saves the day

Kind of blah today, didn’t run. It’s my rest day and don’t think I ever really woke up. So imagine my surprise when, after walking the dog on the beach, I hit up the post office and found this (oh this!) waiting for me:

A box from my dear sister in Philly. Where they have stores! Real stores where you can walk in and buy everything you want!
Inside was packed with Sport Beans and Shot Bloks. I swear, I almost bawled. I’ve been out for weeks and harbored visions of starving to death while lost on a mountain trail.
She also sent me a new iPod; mine fizzled out and died during a run in the rain last week.
Thanks, sis!!

It rains a lot here in Seward, Alaska, and I run a lot here, so me and my iPod get wet a lot. (If anyone has any suggestions on how to save my iPod from the rain, I’d love to hear them.)

Tomorrow’s my long run day. I’m scheduled for 12 and hope I don’t sissy out and only put in 10. It’s so easy to slack off, now that I haven’t any races scheduled until spring.
Plus it’s getting dark up here. We’re losing over five minutes a day, and we’ll keep on losing until the middle of December. Soon it will be dark, dark, dark, with just a few hours of stingy light late in the morning and early in the afternoon.
The darkness makes me crave carbs. I crave chocolate and muffins, popcorn with lots of butter, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the top all mushed down, as if it just came from my lunchbox.
Oh, oh, oh! Must go stuff my face with a Larabar.

What I’m reading this week:
Detour: My BiPolar Road Trip in 4-D, by Lizzie Simon (This girl rocks the words)
The Body is Water, by Julie Schumaker
Wuthering Heights, by dear, dear Emily Bronte (Oh Emily, if I could only buy you a cup of tea!)

Happy running and reading,

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