Horsing around

This is what I did Friday:

I left my pushing-for-deadline work stories on my desk and headed out to walk around the neighborhood with The Beebs, stopping to feed the carrots I paid waaaayyy too much for at the local Safeway to my best horse buds. This one is my favorite: How can you not love a face like that?

Or this:

Used to ride horses back when I was growing up on the farm. Miss them so much but since these are close to my house, I get to hang with them whenever I walk the dog.

On the way home we met up with The Beeb’s mortal enemy, Lady:

Don’t know why but my dog just DOES NOT like Lady one bit. They always have themselves a bit of a scuffle (you go, Beebs!).

Saturday I did nothing but work on my novel all day and take naps. Writing is exhausting, and naps are necessary. I worry sometimes that I write too much, that by writing about life I am missing large chunks of life. I remember something Marguerite Duras wrote about having no life: I have less life than anyone I know, she said. I can totally relate.

Late in the afternoon I took the dog for a walk on the beach, right in time to see the full moon rising over Resurrection Bay.

Around midnight, I took another walk. The moonlight was so bright that I could see my shadow. The mountains were white and shadowed and ghostly, and I almost couldn’t stand how beautiful it all was. No one else was around, which I found peculiar: How could anyone stay indoors when the moon was so full and bright?

Running: Worked out in the gym, due to my writing schedule, 7 miles.

Reading:  “The Guardians” by Ana Castillo. This is SO good I can only read it in bits, to make it last longer.

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