Black Friday, and I bought nothing (hooray)

I made it through Black Friday without buying a thing.
When you consider I’m living in a small town with a nothing but a Safeway, hardware store, a general store and a bunch of tourist shops, that’s not saying much.
A cool thing is that except for the Subway, there are NO fast food places here. Nada. No McDonald’s or Burger King or Taco Bell.
It’s a pretty healthy place.
But you can bet your computer keys that I’ll be ready for Cyber Monday. Yeah, baby, I’m getting my fingers prepped for all the online shopping I’m gonna do. (Does anyone else do this, set out to Christmas shop and end up buying themselves more than they buy for anyone else?)

This is what I have my eye on:

Icebugs! And the color is called Poison. Isn’t that the greatest name? Imagine tearing past people during mountain races with my poison shoes.

I’m also liking this:

The pic is almost as big as the jacket, hee, hee. Anyway, it’s the Nike Vapor jacket, supposedly double water resistant, which is much needed since it rains here ALL the time.

A bummer of living down here is that the Internet connection is horribly slow and I can’t access the Nike Website the majority of the time. This has made my wallet very happy, though.

Took a run Thanksgiving late afternoon (to work off all the food, no?) which is almost the middle of the night here in Alaska since it gets dark so early, and stays dark. Right now we’re down to about 5.5 hours of daylight and STILL losing light. If not for the full-spectrum light bulbs I have all around the living room, I’d be stuffing my face with Cheetos and crying over bad movies right this minutes.
Anyway, ran Tonsina Point at dusk, was a bit slick in places but still doable. This is the view from the first bridge, where the trail opens up alongside the bay:


There was an eagle flying overhead but wasn’t able to get a decent picture.

Right now it’s the middle of the night and I’m supposed to be working on my novel edits but I’m blogging instead (hee, hee) and eating Brussels sprouts, thanks to the influence of Heather over at Heather Eats Almond Butter who used to show pics of her Brussels sprouts creations so often that I began craving them at the oddest times.
Thanks, Heather!

Oh my gosh, we just had an earthquake!! The floor is still shaking but wait, now it’s stopped.

“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” by Lisa See

Too much!!

Wednesday: 21 miles on bike
Thursday: 4.5 miles, trails
Friday: 12 miles

One thought on “Black Friday, and I bought nothing (hooray)

  1. Shellyrm

    I am so sorry. I have missed your posts! I thougt I was following you but you are not in my reade. I am working on that. Did you really have an earthquake? Scary! FYI: I looove brusselsprouts!


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