Ah, go jump in the bay

Okay, sometimes I do bitch about my job, but being a small town Alaska journalist has it perks. Such as when I get to sightsee in a flight plane or take boat rides to see sea lions or snag free kayaking lessons.
Today was one of those “perk” days when I got to shoot and interview some of the crazy jumpers who hurl themselves into Ressurrection Bay as part of the Polar Bear Jump-Off Festival.
The event raises money for the American Cancer Society, and the jumpers wear wacky and wild costumes. My pics aren’t the best because since I was shooting for work, I couldn’t use the shots I took on my work camera and had to settle, sigh, sigh, for my pocket-sized digital. Still, I think you’ll get the picture (pun intended, hee, hee).

The water temp was about 35 degrees. The air temp about 32. There was a thin sheet of ice over the water when the jumpers started (brrrrr!).

Looks like they’re wearing jammies but so what, they’re braver than I am.
Hula dancers take the leap.

This dude makes a fine lookin’ lady. This is as he stands in line waiting to jump.

Same dude after the jump. Gotta love waterproof makeup.
These two were dressed as bride and groom and were still on their honeymoon–they got married last month.

Can you believe it? Bikinis in January! Love the white socks.

A little afterjump eye candy: Yum, yum.

As far as my “other” life, I ran 5.5 tempo miles yesterday and two very slow trail miles with the dog. Loved the tempo run, it hurt in the most delicious of ways.

Here’s the shot I took of the city from the cliff by the trails I ran.

And the Demon Dog is back! Love how Beebs’ eyes glow red and fierce in my headlamp.

Gotta go take a nap and then cover the Oyster Eating Contest and Lip Snyc Contest tonight.

Here’s a fact many of you probably don’t know: Two years ago I placed second in the women’s division Polar Bear Jump-Off Oyster Eating Contest. I had never eaten an oyster before in my life. We had to hold our hands behind our backs and slurp with our mouths. It was great fun. I threw up later that night, sigh, sigh.

Writing: Up until 6 a.m. last night (this morning?) writing; I was on a glorious roll

Reading: Stories and essays in “The Missouri Review”

Running: Two slow miles, 5.5 miles tempo, warm-up, 8:34 mile, 8 mile, 7:34 mile, warm-down

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