Short run along the bay

Took a short 4-mile run along the bay today, right at twilight. Oh, those blues! I can’t get enough of the blue shadows. I swear, it really does something to me.

Sometimes when I’m holed up in the house writing, which I’ve been doing too much of lately, I become a little depressed, a little hard on myself. It’s tough writing all day, just me and my mind locked in combat. I mutter, I yell at the cats. I wonder what in the hell am I doing in Seward, Alaska?

Then I go out for a run. And the views and the colors soothe and energize me.

The Beebs no longer limps and should be ready for her visit with Uncle D Monday when I leave for Hedgebrook. She’s staying with my friend and his wife and their two dogs, Pearl and Rocky. Beebs LOVES Rocky. Last time they snuggled up and Rocky licked her nose, over and over again, dog love, dog kisses.

Have to get back to writing, sigh, sigh. Someday I shall have a life (she says, fist punched out to the sky like Scarlett in Gone With the Wind: “As God is my witness, I shall some day have a life again.” )

Running: 4 miles outside, 3 on the treadmill

Reading: Poetry in various literary magazines

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