Barefoot on the beach

Oh, how nice to be in a warmer climate.

Today I ran 7 miles, half of it one the beach in my bare foot. Oh, oh, oh, the joy! I almost wept to be running along the shore, the waves splashing my ankles. It was pure bliss.

Passed a woman walking her dog. She had on a winter coat and hat, and I had on shorts, a long-sleeved tech shirt and bare feet. I swear, her mouth dropped open when she saw me. ‘I’m from Alaska,’ I said as I ran past, and she nodded as if it made all the sense in the world.

The food here is awesome. The cook prepares vegan dishes just for me and I’ve been eating like a pig, truly! I mean second and third helpings. I mean practically lowering my face down to my plate and slurping up the veggies and tofu.

Good eating, good writing, good running. I hope that heaven is like this.

Running: 7 miles

Writing: Oh yes, yes, yes!

4 thoughts on “Barefoot on the beach

  1. Karen

    My husband and I visited Alaska 8 years ago and you were having some hot weather, 18c. We left Adelaide our hometown in 45c. While everyone in Anchorage was wilting in the heat we were freezing.


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