Dog musher uses the F word

Oh my!

People in Alaska are in an uproar over a dog musher’s alleged use of the F word.

Blayne Streeper was disqualified from the Fur Rondy World Champion Sled Dog Races in Anchorage after spectators and race official reportedly saw him punch and swear at Luke Sampson while coming up the hill by Cordova Street.

(As if athletes never swear, come on!)

Check it out right here

It does look like Streeper wacked the guy in the arm but since I wasn’t there, I’m gonna be like Switzerland and stay neutral.

And here’s a really cool video clip I found on youTube of this year’s race for all you folks who don’t live in Alaska, 2011 Fur Rondy Race

These dogs LOVE to run. It’s the coolest thing to see.

One thought on “Dog musher uses the F word

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