Tonsina Point Run

Tonsina Point! This is fast becoming one of my favorite runs. The trail is quirky and runs through creek runoff, making for steep and slick footing. Then, just when you’re becoming impatient, it evens out to spruce forests and later, birch trees with soft, even footing.

The trail isn’t very long but there are enough hills and switchbacks to give it a bit of heft. I went at low tide and was able to run on the beach.

The forest section on the way back (please excuse my dog’s rump. She likes to show off sometimes).

Seward is a paradise when the sun shines. Unfortunately, it rains most of the time.

Last week it rained every day. Every. Day. Running in rain in 42 degrees temps is NOT pleasant. It’s difficult to stay warm, impossible to stay dry. But as they say in 17th century novels: One must endure.

Running: 5 miles, today
7.4 miles pace yesterday, 60.23, 8:09 pace

Writing: Chapter Four final edit is NOT going well, sigh, sigh

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