Ouch, my butt

Yesterday was breezy and cool, with a slight drizzle, perfect mountain climbing weather, so I headed up Mt. Marathon with J.

J at the almost top

We were a bit sore from Monday’s climb but pushed it anyway. We are both that type.

We hit the halfway point in great time but then veered off the trail in the foggy portions on the upper peak and lost some minutes.

Coming down, we decided to slide on the snowbank. Is there anything better than sitting on your butt and flying down a steep mountain of snow? It’s like a water slide, only 100  times better.

So there we were, zooming merrily down the mountain until we suddenly hit rocks and gravel, and it was like: STOP!

We struggled through slippery, knee-deep snow to the trail. Kind of amazing to realize that that much snow had melted since Monday.

Rest of the downhill was awesome. I’m learning how to let go of fear and just run, carefully but fast, on the steep downhill.

Got to the bottom covered with mud and sweat, and then I had to pull an Emily and attended two work functions without showering or washing my hair. I was a sweaty mess, and didn’t smell so great either. (A good tip when you can’t shower: scented handcream, the fruitier the better.)

Six hours later, I finally had a chance to sit down. Ouch! My butt was scratched and cut from sliding down the snowbank in the tempo running shorts. Too funny! Looks as if someone attacked it with a cheese grater. I’d post pics but hey, it’s my butt and all.

Running: Mt. Marathon
Reading: Nothing so far today, unfortunately
Writing: What’s that?

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