Just, you know, four little-bitty miles

I don’t like running short. Anything under five miles seems a silly reason to tie on my shoes. Nevertheless, I ran 4 miles today, as part of my taper. And oh, how I wanted to keep going.

I ran on the historic Iditarod Trail, and everything was so green and wet from the rain that it almost hurt my eyes, but in a good sort of way.

I love these funky trees, like something out of a fairy tale.

What I dislike about running short is that I don’t usually kick in until about five miles, so when I run four miles, I never really reach my groove. I just kinda plod along, you know?

The creek was high, due to the mountain run-off, and the water flowed past my ankles. I always make the dog go first, hee, hee.

It was an okay run, nothing special. No poems went through my head, no profound thoughts slammed my mind. I ran through the green, green woods in an ordinary state of mind on an ordinary day with an ordinary summer drizzle falling over my head.

I head up to the big city of Anchorage tomorrow morning to meet up with my mother and sister. Traffic lights, noise, people, but shopping (!!) I need more Sports Beans, trails shoes and a water bottle for my hydration belt, though probably I will fizzle out after one store. My shopping muscles have grown wimpy from living in Seward for nine months. I think I need to exercise them more, no?

Running: 4 inky dinky miles
Reading: “Dalva” by Jim Harrison
Writing: Yes, yes and oh yes!

One thought on “Just, you know, four little-bitty miles

  1. ajh

    I am totally going to try those pill pockets. I have given all the cats the pills but it took several tries and was no fun.
    Like the pics your dog is in.


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