Bye, bye mom and sis, hello long miles

Well, my mom and sister have left, sigh, sigh. It was so great having them up here. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed them.

Isn’t my sister beautiful? She looks like a model.

In Seward, we went to Exit Glacier and did tourist stuff.

My mom’s 76 and walked all the way up the mountain to the glacier–so proud of her!

My favorite thing, though, was running with my sister along the bay here in Seward. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to run behind her, the waves crashing the shore, mountains in the background and our legs moving together. My sister and I are very different: She’s big city, I’m rural Alaska; she wears designer clothes, I wear my son’s old Nike sandals. Yet we share this love of running, and it’s really a beautiful thing.

On the way back to the Anchorage airport, we stopped at Portage Glacier along Turnagain arm. I love, love, love the mountains around here, they are so green and lush.

We also got cozy with a famous bear.

And saw bears and moose and elk (oh my!) at the wildlife conservation area. This elk was fascinated by my sister, I think it was love at first sight.

After I saw my mother and sister’s plane off (and all the tears!) I stocked up on foods I can’t find in Seward, visited a friend and her cats and then drove back home in the twilight.

Here in Alaska, it never gets truly dark in the summer. Instead, the sky is bathed in a lavender-silver-blue twilight. This twilight energizes me.

Back in Seward, I took my dog for a swim in the bay.

Then I tackled my 15 mile marathon training run, and it went SO well. I was so happy the whole time. I love running distance. It is so me. I love how the first few miles always feel awkward until my body finds a flow. And how after 7 or 8 miles, my mind wanders and I lose myself. It’s almost like a meditation, I think. Sometimes I look down and see my legs moving and I think: Oh legs. Wait, those are my legs. I love when that happens, love how still and complete I feel doing this simple thing called running.

Running: 15 miles
Reading: “at the sign of the naked waiter”
Writing: Almost, almost done

4 thoughts on “Bye, bye mom and sis, hello long miles

  1. Anne

    What a lovely post. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time with your mom and sis…beautiful photos! I'd love to see Alaska one day 🙂
    Great description of your long run…made me want to get out there right now!


  2. ajh

    Love this post. How wonderful to run with your sister in such a beautiful setting. Alaska is on my dream list. Love that your mom is active!


  3. Ah Ah Alaska

    And Shelly, my mom and sis live in PA, your neck of the woods. Cool, eh?

    Anne and Andrea, you should both schedule a race up here next summer. It is SO awesome in Alaska, at least in the summer. At least when the weather is decent.


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