Six muddy, delicious miles

I love the rain. I especially love running in the rain. There’s something about being out in the woods or up in the moutains when everything is drenched that is so life affirming.

So early this evening I dragged myself away from my computer (it seems I’m supposed to be finished with my book–oops!), threw on my windbreaker and hit the Iditarod Trail.

It was wet and muddy, and I splashed through the puddles like a kid–remember stepping in puddles just because you could? Well, I could, and I did.

I didn’t have to worry about getting too muddy because the creek crossing was almost to my knees, the current so strong that it threatened to knock over my poor old dog. Nothing like wading through knee-high COLD water twice in the middle of a six-mile run, since I ran out and back. Guess I got my ice bath early, eh?

It was a great run, especially after my 17 miler on the roads–how nice to return to the trails! I never, ever wear my iPods on the trails but couldn’t face a mile on the pavement without my tunes. I kinda admire people who can run on roads/paved trails without music.

I stopped about two miles from the trailhead to do my business and found myself squatting right next to bear scat. I was peeing right where a bear had pooped! It was like a communal bathroom.

After that excitement, I stopped at the Safeway on the way home (tracking mud all over their clean floors) and picked up a huge bottle of vinegar and a box of baking soda ’cause I’ve been coming home so muddy lately that I’ve clogged the shower drain. (Here’s what you do: Pour baking soda down the drain, add vinegar, listen to it fizz for 15 minutes and then flush with water. Works for minor and medium drain plugs, and no nasty chemicals.)

Running: 6 miles
Reading: I need to start a new book, any suggestions that don’t have to do with serial killers, like AGR wrote about a couple of days ago, hee, hee, read about it here.
Riddle: How many pairs of running shoes are scattered in my entryway? (Okay, I”m a lousy housekeeper but I did clean them up later, sort of.)

Happy weekend running, everybody.

3 thoughts on “Six muddy, delicious miles

  1. Mary

    I am the same way with music–never listen to it on trails but only on roads.

    May I suggest looking for an anthology called “Permanent Vacation”? It's by Bonafide Books and is about living and working in national parks(some Alaska chapters). I have an essay in there 🙂


  2. Karen

    I've grown to like the muddy runs too. Living where I am, it's a really good thing. haha. I can just imagine the look on all the tourists' faces at Safeway when you came in after the run. 🙂 Pretty priceless.


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