I’m back, and with more runs

I guess I took a little vacation from blogging, eh?

Much has happened in the past month. I’ve become a marathoner (hooray for me!), which is the good news.

And the company that ran the newspaper that I wrote/edited for the past four years suddenly folded (with, like, no warning) and I lost my job, which is the bad news.

I’ve presently joined the ranks of the unemployed and, in the meantime, am pushing to finish my second novel before someone actually hires my poor sorry ass and I have to go back to work.

In the meantime, pics of some of this summer and fall runs.

Mountain in Kenai, can’t remember the name. Up so high we could hear the swish of birds’ wings as they flew overhead.
The Beebs on top of said can’t-remember-name-of-mountain. Not bad for a 77 year old.

Mount Marathon Bowl. It was snowing at the top of Mt. Marathon that day. Right now, the top is ridged in snow. Here in Alaska we call it the first snow “termination dust.”

Muddy trail on Lost Lake winter loop to the cabin. I LOVE running in mud.
Autumn colors on Lost Lake, winter to summer loop.

More autumn colors, Lost Lake Trail.
View from about halfway up Mt. Marathon Bowl trail.

Lost Lake earlier this summer.

Me running Lost Lake Trail with MM (you can’t see him because he’s always ahead of me, hee, hee).

Lost Lake Trail again. That’s me running my heart out in the mountains, my favorite thing to do.

My oh-so-usual position when running trails with MM, who is faster than me. I refuse to admit this so I end up gasping for breath a lot.

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