Running with bears

Last week I ran Exit Glacier Road, which is closed off from traffic for the winter.

About two miles up the road we came across these:

Bear prints. They followed the road for miles, and it was SO cool to run along the same path as a bear.

The tracks were fairly fresh, and when I turned around at the five mile mark, there were new tracks on the way back, too.

I loved that while I was running in one direction following one bear’s prints, another, smaller bear was walking in the other direction following MY prints. It felt magaical, as if I were connecting with some wild and primal part of myself and the world.

The next day we got hit with a heavy snowfall, and I’m pretty sure that all the bears are tucked away in their cozy dens for the next few months.

Running: 1048 so far this year
Reading: “Anywhere But Here,” by Mona Simpson. I’ve read this book at least five times and still love it.

3 thoughts on “Running with bears

  1. Karen

    Sounds like they were out running with you!! 🙂 I wish I could tuck myself away in a den and sleep through the winter. Just think how rested we'd be in the spring if we could do that?


  2. Ah Ah Alaska

    Think they were black bears, the prints were smaller than grizzly prints. And Karen, I'd LOVE to sleep through the winter. No, wait: I'd love to sleep and eat through the winter and, okay, read trashy magazines and just zone out.


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