Running and, um, sex

Okay, so there I was, running a 14-mile marathon training run with MM last weekend, and the farther we ran, the happier I became. I was almost giddy by the end. I felt on top of the world. I couldn’t stop gushing how absolutely. Totally. Great. I felt.

Later that night I wondered to MM if there was something unique that triggers in woman when they run or exercise hard. “A lot of women are obsessed with running,” I said. “Men seem more obsessed with the competition, not the actual running.”

Imagine my delight (my delight!) when I opened up Salon the very next morning and there was an article on the very subject (you can check it out here).

According to the article (and I don’t know about you, but I trust the writers at Salon), when women run, do yoga and other exercises, it can trigger (oh, I’m blushing!), a sexual response.

Yes, women can have orgasms from exercising.

And check out the stats from the article, which is titled: Working the Coregasm: New Science sheds light on the unexpected pleasure that some women feel during exercise

If you really want to know what exercises are more likely to bring you there, here’s a breakdown of the findings: 51.4 percent of the women reported experiencing an orgasm while doing abdominal exercises within the last 90 days, 26.5 percent while weight lifting, 20 percent during yoga, 15.8 percent bicycling, 13.2 percent running, and 9.6 percent walking or hiking.
Yippeee! I’m totally working my abs tomorrow morning.
That’s not me but that’s how I hope I will look in a few months of long, slow ab workouts, eh?
Running: 8 miles, trails
Reading: White Oleander,  Janet Fitch
Writing: Almost finished with Chapter Ten (!!)

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