Mount Marathon, two days (gulp, gulp)

Well, Mt. Marathon is in two days. And I’ve done NO climbing/mountain training.

Worse still, Alaska Magazine photographer will be shooting my photo, since I’m doing a story on the race for next year.

I don’t think I’ll be looking my best, hee, hee.

No matter, eh? Because yesterday I had one of the best runs ever (okay, I say that a lot, but this was truly a great run).

It wasn’t anything special, just a 12-miler along the Coastal Trail.

Photo caption?? (Not my pic but thanks, to whomever took it!)

But the sun was shinng and the tide was coming in, and birds were singing and everything was so green and fragrant that I was swooning as I ran.

Summer is the best.

And as I ran, I planned my next marathon. (I really need a marathon where I’m not in the bushes or porta potties most of the way).

I’ve tentatively decided on this:

My hometown marathon! I’ve never run it. And this tempts me:

Photo credit?

Ahhhh! A real beach with real sand, not pebbles and mud flats.

Plus it’s a small race and the entry fee is only $50 (!!). The course sounds boring. It’s really flat, and I love hills. But I’ll get to see my mom and sisters, and I’ll also be able to stay at my mom’s house and eat my mom’s food and drive my mom’s car for free (a good selling point, hee, hee).

I’ll wait and see how destroyed I am after the Mt. Marathon Race. If I don’t break a leg and still have all of my teeth, maybe I’ll go for it, eh?

But tonight I’m staying indoors and making szarlotka, a Polish apple cake. I’d share the recipe but think it’s copyrighted in my book (which you’ll have to buy so that you, too, can enjoy the wonders of szarlotka).

Yum, yum. And will mine look this perfect?

Happy running and baking, everyone.

One thought on “Mount Marathon, two days (gulp, gulp)

  1. Karen

    Are you still doing Resurrection Pass?

    Good luck at Mt. Marathon. All the photographer wants from you is blood, mud, and sweat–all of which I'm sure you'll be covered in when you arrive at the top. 🙂


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