Turnagain Arm with The Beebs

Today we took The Beebs out for a short, four-mile run on Turnagain Arm to work off all of that Thanksgiving turkey (MM and Beebs) and tofu (me).

This is one of my favorite trails. The footing is gritty, the hills are obstinate, and there are enough curves and dips that the run never becomes stale.

We ran on hard-packed snow, and I fell in love all over again with the screws on the bottom of my shoes. I never slipped! I charged down the hills without a care!

Perfect running conditions

Beebs is 13 this year, so we have to be careful not to overtax her. But she loves to run. She loves being out on the trails. She refuses to slow down. Her heart is so, so big.

The Beebs taking a breather at the two-mile point.

While it was a short run, it was refreshing to be outside in the cold, right before sunset, when the air was lavender and everything was quiet and the birch trees spread out before us in milky shadows.

Ridge above the trail.

Turnagain Arm: Isn’t it gorgeous?

MM and The Beebs, cruising down the last hill

Sunset over the water through the trees.

Sun almost set: Right now we’re down to about 6 hours of daylight, with sunset around 4 p.m.

Sunset reflected in blocks of ice over the inlet.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and didn’t spend too much money during Black Friday (I stayed home and shopped online, hee, hee).

So far:
Monday: 90 minutes, elliptical
Tuesday: 9 miles, MP
Wednesday: 70 minutes, elliptical
Thursday: Rest (power eating)
Friday: 4 miles trails, 60 minutes elliptical

8 thoughts on “Turnagain Arm with The Beebs

  1. Ah Ah Alaska

    Well, if you get really jealous we can switch houses and you and Matt can struggle through snow and cold temps while MM and I bask in the glory of the
    redwoods (while maybe wearing shorts!), hee, hee.


  2. Ah Ah Alaska

    It's a lot warmer looking at the pictures. I think it's like -4 outside right now. Still, it is so beautiful and timeless up here. It truly is like nowhere else. You and your hubby should come up and visit. I'd recommend the summer, hee, hee.


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