Running in the dark and Brooks Utopia jacket review

I love running in the dark.

Up here in Alaska I don’t have much of a chance, since it rarely gets dark in the summer and the footing is often iffy in the winter.

These last few weeks, however, with the trails packed down and temps in the 20s and 30s, I’ve been having a blast.

Last night MM and I ran a 13-miler along the Coastal Trail, with only my headlamp for light, and it was magical and wonderful with the inlet beside us and the sky dark and the snow a lighter shade so that after a few miles it was as if no one else existed in the world, even though we occassionally passed other people.

Still, it was a wonderful run, one of those where your body feels effortless and your legs fly and when you glance down at your Garmin you discover that you’ve been running a 7:40 pace, which is much, much faster than your normal pace but you know that this is because of the dark, and the snow, and the energy of the night.

I also wore this:

Okay, the pic isn’t that great but it’s the Brooks Utopia running jacket.

I LOVE this jacket. It’s lightweight but delivers a huge warming punch. Seriously. It was the first time all winter that I’ve been totally cozy on a run.

It offers lots of pocket room, including one for media devices, and the sleeves are banded to keep out the chill. The only problem I had is that the bands sometimes prevented me from viewing my Garmin, a small price to pay for comfort.

But what I loved the most is how it felt as I ran. It moved with my body, allowing free arm motion without bunching. It was close to perfect.

Okay, enough of this dribble. Off to run. Hope everyone is having a great week.

P.S. Got two great reviews on my soon-be-released-book this week, one from Romance Times (for women’s mainstream, not romance) and the other from Booklist. Yippeee!

P.S.S. Congrats to this gal, who placed first in her age group at the Crystal Springs 50K this past weekend. You rock, Karen!

4 thoughts on “Running in the dark and Brooks Utopia jacket review

  1. Karen

    Hey thanks! Just don't go looking up the results to see how many others were in my age group. 😉

    Your run sounds awesome. I always feel stealthy and fast in the dark, too.


  2. Cinthia

    7:40 is a miracle, Mary, and it was only for about a mile. I think it was the energy of the night pushing me along because, trust me, it is NOT my avereage pace. It is nowhere near my average pace. Hope you are well.


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