9.5 miles of blue-tiful views

I love running in the late afternoon, when the sky begins to darken and the air becomes quiet and still.

Today I hit one of my favorite running routes for 9.5 miles of slumpy snow, with patches of ice hiding beneath (is there such a word as slumpy? If not, I just made it up: lump + slushy = slumpy). I slid around a bit, but no matter. The temps were warmish and the air just cold enough to give off that I’m-alive! vibe.

Ahhhh …..
Ice chunks in the inlet. Look at those blues!

It was an almost perfect run. My legs were fatigued from interval work the night before (MM’s first dose of intervals, and he nailed them, too), yet this didn’t slow me down. I kept a pace so even that I had to keep smacking my watch to make sure it was working.

Hopefully the weather will remain decent. MM and I have done a lot of treadmill workouts this year, and I mean A Lot. We have a 22-miler up this weekend and the idea of pounding it out on the mill depresses me to no end.

Memory flash: Last week I was running here:

Except for the road sign, it looks like a Christmas card. Maybe next year, eh?

Turns out I didn’t lose a chicken, either. There were only four to begin with. They laid me four eggs before I left, too, and I ate two of them, even though I’m pretty much vegan. But when a chicken lays you  an egg, you eat it without apology.

Talking about eating, my newest guilty pleasure? Costco croutons (supersized bag, of course) covered in hot salsa: Yummmmmm. Can’t get enough.

Happy running, everyone

4 thoughts on “9.5 miles of blue-tiful views

  1. ajh

    Those blues are so incredible. We have started studying Antarctica at school so I am in my glory! Today we had -22 degrees as it was getting light. That's about as cold as we get.


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