Snowy trails, and my book (!)

Oh, what a weekend it’s been!

Earlier today, MM and I took an easy run over the Campbell Trails. It was a perfect snowy wonderland. Very few people were around, since it was late afternoon, and once we veered off on Black Bear Trail, we saw no one.

Aren’t the silver birch trees beautiful?

We took it easy for most of the run, sprinting here and there but mostly keeping our pace even and slow. How nice it is to run through the trails on a snowy afternoon when the temps are in (are you ready?) the 30s.

Last weekend it was -3, so this felt like running in a tropical paradise. We were never cold! Our faces weren’t chapped! We didn’t have to blow on our hands to keep blood pumping to our fingers! Pretty amazing.

Friday I did something I hardly ever do: I cut a run short. I stopped at 8 miles instead of 10. I stopped because I simply couldn’t run any longer.

I stopped because right before the run, my editor had sent me this in an email:

My book had been spotted in the Newark airport under the Recommended Reads section. It’s out in the world! It’s flying around the country!

(Actually, it’s not supposed to release until Feb. 5 so someone obviously goofed. But I’m not complaining.)

I was so giddy from this that I could not run. I felt breathless. My knees were weak. Crazy!

Hope everyone is weak-kneed and crazy over their lives this beautiful Saturday evening.

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