News Flash! Cinthia runs double digits again (finally)

Okay, okay, I got my lazy butt up out of my writing chair and ran (yes, actually ran!) 12 miles on Thursday.

It was the first double-digit run in a month. Surprisingly, it was easier than expected.

I’ve been working out for 60-90 minutes four-six days a week, mostly zeroing in on building up my thighs, which are embarrassingly wimpy. All of that indoor sweating has paid off, too. My stride was so much stronger on uphills, and I noticed it on the downhills, too.

I’m starting to think that there is something to this cross training, no?

Hopefully I will build up awesome muscles, so that when I line up at summer races, people will gasp and stare and move aside to give me more room: “She must be someone,” they’ll think. “Look at those legs.”

Dream on, right?

Today I’m attempting 14-15 miles. Love me my distance and missed it terribly this past month. Six to eight milers just don’t do it for me, not enough time to get in the groove.

Pics of Thursday’s run over the Coastal Trail, right around sunset. No moose were sited but it was a damned good run.

I’m also reading the most marvelous and incredible book: Ru, by Kim Thuy. Anyone who loves lyrical writing must pick this up. I can read it only in pieces, to make it last longer– it is that good.

Happy running, reading and everything else.

6 thoughts on “News Flash! Cinthia runs double digits again (finally)

  1. Karen

    It is often easy to tell who the first finishers will be based on their thighs, you'll either be right there with them or fooling everybody 🙂 So far, I'm the latter.


  2. Stroller Guy

    Not too bad today… Ran in low 20's mid morning… From what I've read on your blog – we must have similar temps – the coldest I ventured out in this year was about 12 below. I don't think I can handle much more than that – but I too do not have any face gear. Isn't it crazy how much difference a tiny breeze makes in that temp range? Do you plan your routes based upon wind direction? When it gets really cold I always try to organize my run so that the wind is at my back for the 2nd half…


  3. Cinthia

    Ha, ha, everyone wants to know that. Put it this way: I was a single mother, I have a gifted son, I worked at a Mexican restaurant and I had a Polish grandmother. I've never been reckless with my money, though, and I've never lived in a trailer and my sister's never been pregnant. I guess that makes it 50/50, no? Cheers and thanks so, so much for reading my humble book.


  4. Cinthia

    Oh, I'd love to scare the heck out of women at the start due to my muscular thighs. Doubt it will ever happen. They feel stronger but still look wimpy and drab, poor things.
    Cheers and happy running. Glad you enjoyed your Alaska visit.


  5. Cinthia

    Face gear is totally necessary, though I usually forget mine so what do I know. I've noticed that “tiny breeze.” It's almost destroyed me on runs. It actually reduced me to tears one day, and it was so cold that my tears froze on my face and made me even more miserable. Gotta love winter, eh? Happy running,


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