I won, I won, and another beautiful Alaska sunset

The most exciting and incredible thing: I won a race Wednesday evening.

Yes, these old legs carried me to victory. I even received a shiny blue ribbon.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that only two women ran the 7.5K course (4.87 miles, according to my Garmin); everyone else opted for the 4-miler.

Still, I beat some men, which is a cool and worthwhile pursuit.

I didn’t take many photos. How do people take photos during races? Do they carry their phones/cameras and snap shots while running? Sounds like too much work to me.

Anyway, the Anchorage Running Club’s Do Run Run Race was the first club race of the season. What I love about the ARC races is that they’re low-key and comfortable, and people of all running levels participate, and there’s no strutting or preening, just a bunch of folks racing because they love to run.

We followed the Ship Creek bike trail, an out-and-back course that was fairly level and with enough curves that it never became boring (I don’t much care for flat courses).

MM raced too, and of course he beat me. He did manage to take a blurry pic of me holding my ribbon. Look closely, folks: This will be the last time you’ll ever, ever see me this close to a blue ribbon.

I wish this picture were larger because it includes another incredible thing: I’m wearing shorts! The first shorts of the season!

To celebrate my victory, we took The Beebs for another beach walk. Most of the ice bergs had melted and we caught the sunset over Sleeping Lady Mountain (which isn’t really a mountain, more of a ridge, at least by Alaska standards).

See how indescribably beautiful the evenings are up in Anchorage? This is why I stay in Alaska. This is why I suffer through the long and cold and dark winters. Because where else is there such twilight, such silver/blue/lavender shadows stretching across the horizon?

Right now, we’re up to 17 hours of daylight. These sunset photos were taken around 10:45 p.m.

Tomorrow we’re running a 16-mile trail run. I can’t wait, especially since today it hit 65 degrees in some areas of town. I sat out in the yard in shorts and a tee-shirt, even though there were still patches of snow around me. Such juxtapositions–I suppose that’s what keeps Alaska interesting.

Can you see the woodpecker in this photo? (Remember those “Highlights for Children” puzzles where you had to find the objects hidden within the picture? I used to love to read those at the doctor and dentist office.)

Anyway, this little guy or gal visited while I was sitting out in the yard writing. It only stayed a few minutes but no matter, it was nice of it to fly in and say hello.

Happy weekend and running, everyone.

6 thoughts on “I won, I won, and another beautiful Alaska sunset

  1. Karen

    I love small race series. I'm not fast enough to win prizes most of the time, but it is fun to challenge myself against the same people without pressure of a bigger race.

    Those puzzles in Highlights for Children were my favorite! I liked to go to the doctor office and grab the whole stack and flip to that specific part. 🙂


  2. Cinthia

    I know! I still miss those Highlights magazine. If only my son were younger! And small races are the best. Can't imagine running a large race but will have to one day, just to see what it's like. Who knows, I may love it.


  3. Cinthia

    Yeah, that's true. My goal is to place in my age group in a larger race (and large up here isn't that large), but I swear, there are some really fast (fast!) women in their 50s up here. Like 1:35 half marathon times. Can't compete with that, sigh, sigh.
    P.S. My next book is about a woman who writes the obituaries, and the ghosts of those she writes about visit her with outlandish advice.


  4. Cinthia

    Ha, ha, Christa. Ever notice that most of the really nice Alaskan pictures are on clear days? Today is rainy and drab.. I took photos and the photos are grey and drab. I felt grey and drab just looking at them.
    Cheers and take care,


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