So happy, and so, so proud

I’m in Portland for the week, for my son’s graduation from Lewis & Clark College. It was held indoors yesterday, due to rain (duh! It’s Portland) and I was so proud I could barely stand it. My son is such a great young man, kind and sensitive and smart and funny and just great company.

Here’s his listing from the graduation program. (Not bad for a kid raised by a single mother who received not one dime of child support, eh?)

Portland is very green and lush. I love it, though the city is too big and too busy for my tastes. I haven’t been doing much except spending time with my mother, sister and son, just hanging out and talking. Basically, we just want to soak up one another’s company, since we see each other so rarely. Right now I’m off to sit by the pool. It’s such a luxury, an outdoor pool. I’ve been swimming instead of running because I can run in Alaska whenever I want. But swim in an outdoor pool with the sun on my shoulders? It’s not something easily found around Anchorage. And added plus: No snow!

5 thoughts on “So happy, and so, so proud

  1. Karen

    Congrats to your son! Magna cum laude in BioChem and Molecular Bio, that is really impressive! Just passing science classes is hard but to get straight “A”s, wow.

    I second the pool thing. I'm in a hotel in Wisconsin and it has a snazzy pool. I'm going in tonight and tomorrow 🙂


  2. Cinthia

    Pools are great, aren't they? Sometimes I wonder why I run when I can swim lying down. Hope you did well in Green Bay. Can't wait to hear the report. Cheers,


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