Run. Sun. Fun.

It has been in the 70s here in Anchorage, incredibly and unbelievably. The sky is clear and the sun is bright and everyone walks around in shorts and sandals. Many of us have (dare I say it?) a bit of a tan across our faces and shoulders.

Running has been pure bliss. I haven’t run in heat since I was in Nebraska last October, and I had forgotten the joy of sweating freely and easily, of feeling the air against my arms and legs.

As I said, pure bliss.

Look: Sunshine! A bridge without snow! Leaves popping out on the trees!

Saturday I ran 12 miles on the Coastal Trail (in the sunshine) at a medium pace. And Monday, MM and I tackled the Turnagain Arm Trail again. It was 72 degrees out, sunny and warm. We ran 12 miles through hills, rough footing and lots and lots of mud in the lower areas.

Nice a peaceful trail, eh? Actually, a huge hill looms at the top of the ridge.
This is how most of the trail looks: Lots of roots and rocks. Two points if you can spot me running ahead in the green shirt.

I bonked on the way back. I stupidly decided to try bee pollen for energy. I can’t use traditional gels, since my body can’t regulate normal sugar levels. I should have realized that bee pollen metabolizes as a simple sugar, but I didn’t. My blood sugar surged and I felt fantastic for about a mile. And then my sugar level dropped and I crashed and had to lean against a tree to keep from collapsing.

Luckily MM had a Clif Builder’s Protein Bar. These pack a solid 20 grams of protein. It took a good twenty minutes for my body to stabilize and I cried, too, I felt so miserable. But as soon as my sugar levels rose, I began running and I felt strong again, and the sun was still shining and the world was good and I was happy. (Thank you, Clif, for your nasty tasting bars that work such magic on my messed up endocrine system.)

Today, I ran with a friend for another 12 miles (I think 12 is my new lucky number), this time over the Campbell Creek Trails, but I didn’t have my camera so no pics. I was impressed by how easily her dog kept up, even in the heat. (Imagine running 12 miles in 74-degree temps while wearing a fur coat.)

Sunday evening was a rest day and MM and I took The Beebs out to the trails by the sand dunes around Kincaid Park. I love the sand dunes. They are situated in the most unlikely place, and they rise as if out of nowhere and then sudden drop off into the forest.

Hope everyone had a sun-filled, run-filled and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend.

4 thoughts on “Run. Sun. Fun.

  1. Mary

    I carried those builder bars on my JMT hike and want to vomit now when I see them. I think they also carry some sort of a warning about unpleasant bowel side effects if you eat too many. hee hee


  2. Karen

    A friend of mine just moved her husky from Fairbanks to Colorado and had the most hilarious photo of the haircut they gave him because it was too warm in his fluffy coat. He looks like a really fuzzy french poodle.


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