Late summer, Alaska style

I love late summer. Even though I’m not a cold weather person and don’t look forward to winter or the long siege of darkness, I do love this time of year, when berries hang fat on the bush and everything is so green and lush and wet from the inevitable rains.

Today I took Beebs for a hike over the Turnagain Arm Trail, close to town but on the edge of the mountains. I love this trail, I don’t know why. Something about the mood soothes me, no matter the weather.

Soothing, no?

We didn’t see any bears but did pass some scat. What I love is when we encounter fresh scat on the way back and I know that a bear has crossed the trail during the short time after we passed. This always thrills me. (I imagine them peering out from the woods, waiting for us to walk on by so that they can cross, much the way we wait for traffic to clear before crossing the road.) I love the idea of walking on the same trail as bears, that our feet touch the same earth, stumble over the same roots.

Bear scat! Notice the berry seeds? Guess they’ve been picking the same berries as we do. Also notice the paw print from the dog, hee, hee.

Speaking of the dog, Beebs has perked up now that the cooler weather has hit. She’s part sled dog and has a thick undercoat, and the poor dear slumped and moped during our month of 70+ degree weather.

Beebs looking out over Turnagain Arm.
Turnagain Arm.
Love the thin stripe of sunlight. That was the sum total of our day’s allotment of sunshine.

We passed this mushroom on the way back, isn’t it beautiful?

I should be able to run in two to three weeks, which is almost perfect timing since I (stupidly??)  promised my agent that my second novel would be on her desk by mid-September. Until then, it’s hikes with Beebs and MM, when our schedules match. I’m enjoying the slower pace. I hadn’t realized how urgent I become when I run, how focused I am on myself and my own body; how much I miss.

Beebs, cooling off in the creek at the end of the hike.

I’m thinking of ordering this book, it’s only 99 cents this week. Has anyone read or heard of it?

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