I must admit that I had a bit of a time adjusting to Alaska. After seven glorious weeks in Tucson and two in Philly, Anchorage felt gloomy and cloudy and cold.

Probably because it was gloomy and cloudy and cold.

Still, once I hit the trails I felt better. I ran the first couple of days back on the Coastal and Chester Creek Trails, which are paved bike trails through wooded areas and along the inlet. The views are beautiful and while I enjoy running these, I couldn’t wait to revisit my beloved and rugged “real” trails.

I don’t know why I love trail running so much, if it’s the rough footing, which forces me to use more of my senses, or the feeling of being surrounded by trees and mountains and water, which makes me feel smaller and less significant but also part of a larger whole.

All I know is that the longer I run, the louder my heart sings.

I can’t wait for the snow to clear in the higher elevations so that I can hit the mountain trails. Until then, I’ve been loving the Turnagain Arm Trail, which is south facing and filled with steep hills and roots and rocks and all manner of wild and wonderful things.

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