I want! I want! New shoes

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a bit obsessed with running shoes lately. I have no idea if I’m compensating for a lack in my personality, using them as a fulfillment in my not-so-exciting life, or if running shoes simply, as my grandmother would have said, float my boat.

Whatever the case, my new Merrell All Out Rush trail shoes arrived in the mail yesterday. Is there anything better than new running shoes? Or at least new running shoes that fit. I unfortunately ordered the wrong size and had to reorder (seems my feet have gotten a little bigger, fancy that). What this means is that I have to wait another week, or longer, until I can actually slide them on my feet, take them out to the trails and do all sorts of dirty things to them.

Aren’t they sexy? Kind of masculine yet just girly enough to let the guys know that I mean serious business.

I was perfectly happy with my perfectly wonderful new shoe choice, even though I couldn’t actually run in them yet.

Then Sunday happened.

Sunday, you see, was MM’s birthday, so naturally I took him out to REI for new running shoes (I mean, where else does a woman take a man for his birthday?). He tried on a pair of Sportiva that were so colorful and bad-assed that I almost salivated, so of course I had to try on a pair for myself. I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.

And I kind of, sort of fell in love with the Sportiva Bushido. I slipped my foot inside. I tightened the laces. I took one step, and then another. Before I knew it, I was running around REI, dodging mother’s toting little kids and bearded dudes in scruffy but expensive outdoor gear. My feet felt happy! My ankles felt sturdy. I started to slyly calculate in my head: If my partner picked out an inexpensive pair of shoes as his birthday present, I just might be able to swing a pair for myself, hee, hee.

Sadly, these aren’t my shoes and this isn’t my yard, either.

He didn’t. After considering a pair of yellow Altra’s that made his feet look like duck feet, he settled on the Sportiva. I sighed,kicked off my Bushidos, put my smelly Hokas back on (love my Hokas but they don’t do well on technical trails) and plucked out my credit card. I was very gracious when I handed him the box. I think I even smiled. I might have even said, “Happy birthday.” I might have said this with little to no grudge.

So now I’m torn. Do I take the Merrell’s back and get the Sportiva? Or keep the Merrell’s and be satisfied with my first choice? The Merrell is light and flexible and airy with a kick-ass ridged sole for firm footing. The Sportiva is more durable and firm and hearty with its own particular kick-assed sole yet not as flexible or roomy.

I want them both! I need them both! My checking account, however, begs to differ.

Whatever the case, last week was a jump-back week. This is when, after two or three weeks of increasing mileage, I cut back, relax and recover, and eat like a pig. During this jump-back week I also managed to hurt my back (is it a coincidence that I hurt my back during a jump-back week?) at a new job I took for the summer and consequently didn’t run at all Monday-Wednesday. I ended up with 25 miles for the week, a disappointing amount but as my partner often says, and usually when he’s mad at me: It is what it is.

Last but not least, pics from Saturday’s trail run, where I bonked big time and almost cried due to the over 1250 elevation gain in 8 miles.

One of the few straight areas of the whole damned run, trust me.
Dandelions (I call them dandy lions) are my favorite flower of all time.
Look! The trees are blooming! So. Exciting.

Have a great week, everyone.

3 thoughts on “I want! I want! New shoes

  1. Mary

    Ooh. I am going to have to look at the Sportivas. Because I toil endlessly at a 50 hour a week job, I think I can afford them. Tradeoffs I guess. Good to know about Hokas on technical trails. I got mine mostly for the rare times I can't avoid pavement. I think rotating between three pairs is really good for you for preventing overuse injuries. And challenging your feet. There! Have I provided some justification? Hee hee.


  2. Cinthia

    Yes, yes, Mary! New shoes I don't really need, all in effort to prevent injuries–the perfect justification. I'm sold. And yes, if you wear Hokas even once on technical trails, you'll quickly get the message, and a few turned ankles. Though people more graceful than myself may beg to differ. Happy trails.


  3. Karen

    I haven't run in Sportiva, but I do love me some Merrel shoes.I'm with Mary. More shoes to keep your feet guessing and avoid injuries!


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