Oh, Alaska, I love you

We have been hit with incredible weather. I mean: Incredible. Warm days, sunshine, clear skies. What I love most are the nights and the long twilight that stretches out past midnight. I do the majority of my running in late afternoon/early evening and most of my hiking/climbing late at night. There’s something about the twilight that fills me with energy. I feel wild, and free, and so damned alive that I can barely stand it.

I’ve been trail running like crazy. Not racing much. I did the Mayor’s Half Marathon this past weekend and will post a recap soon. I unfortunately missed the Mr. Miles 24 Hour Race due to being sick and, mainly, an urgent novel deadline that will require my staying up half the night for the next three weeks, which is a bit of a bummer.

My current favorite run (I have so many favorites!) is Prospect Heights parking lot to Glen Alps trailhead, a long and slow 3.5 mile slog over continuous uphill, rocky footing in places but oh, the views. I love how the air feels the higher I run, the cooler currents against my shoulders, and the occasional and welcome breeze.

Last week we saw a lynx. It stood in the middle of the trail and then slid off into the bushes, where we watched it stalk a bird (it missed) and then head back down the trail. It turned once and looked at us and it was so magical. It had large paws, which made no sound as it walked, and wonderful ears. I loved it. It such an odd and wonderful feeling to know that while I’m running, the trails and mountains are filled with wild creatures going about their lives.

Nothing much happening. Running, writing, writing, writing, working (some), reading (some), eating (a whole hell of a lot) and sleeping (as little as possible because hey, it’s summer in Alaska and there are trails to run and mountains to climb).

Weekly mileage: Averaging about 55 miles a week, with a long run on Saturday (22-26 miles) followed by a shorter long run on Sunday (10-12 miles), both on hilly trails.

Reading: Just finished The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah McCoy and it is so, so good. I highly recommend.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Alaska, I love you

  1. Karen

    I need to stop reading your posts about summer running in Alaska. It's making me want to move back!! 😉 That summer mania is amazing, I made my biggest gains as a runner with all that extra energy. Nice work on 55 miles! Your race taper comes soon, doesn't it?


  2. Cinthia

    My taper starts in three weeks, Karen. I have to adjust my schedule for Mount Marathon, though, which falls on the weekend. So I'll have to do my long runs midweek and then hit Mt. Marathon Race on fatigued legs. Gives me a good excuse for my middle-of-the-pack times. Plus the downhill scares me to death. Cheers and happy running.


  3. Cinthia

    We have had incredible weather for Alaska. It's raining now but mostly it's been sunny and warm. Like a real summer, lol. Hope yours is going equally well.


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