Running update

It’s been a while, no?

But I’m still running. Still getting out and hitting the streets here in the Philly suburbs. It’s odd, running in the suburbs, passing houses with manicured lawns and then, as I venture up into the hilly sections, large mansions with large yards and everything perfectly placed and color-coordinated.

DSCN1418 (2)

I miss running here.

I miss seeing the mountains. I don’t think I could live somewhere without mountains. They define my life. They are always there, shouldering up the horizon. I hadn’t realized how much I depend on them.

Yet, there is beauty everywhere. Some days, running near dusk, I round a curve by the river and the city skyline opens up and it’s so beautiful and exotic that my eyes water and it all just feels so surreal, as if I’m in a movie.

DSCN1950 (2)DSCN1952DSCN1959

It snowed here when I first arrived last month, that big East Coast “blizzard” that was all over the news, remember?

By Alaska standards, it wasn’t much. It was a teeny-weeny bit ‘o snow, and it melted within a week.

DSCN1946 (2)

Two days after the “blizzard.”


DSCN1956 (2)

A week after the “blizzard.”

I’ve reduced my mileage to about 30 miles a week and am concentrating on speed before heading back to Alaska and my normal long-distance trail runs. Presently, my long runs top out at about 10-12 miles and I do tempo and speed intervals each week (4-5 miles at tempo pace @ 7:50-8 minute pace and 4-6 half mile intervals @ 6:50-7:10 pace).

Since I’m running predominantly on pavement and since my legs are old, I’m trying like hell not to stress them out too much. I’ve been foam rolling like crazy. But there are trails; I just have to run quite a few miles of roads and sidewalks to get to them.


Wooded trails!


And a cool, old bridge I can see from the wooded trails.


Last week when we ran it was 14 degrees and the river iced up: Brrr!

What’s really special, though, is each weekend my sister and I head out to the Schuylkill River Trail and I run 2.5 miles with here before heading out to finish the rest of the loop.

We run along the river, past Boat House Row and then up to the Philly Art Museum, where the big attraction is the Rocky statute. No matter the weather, there’s always a long line of tourists waiting to get their pics taken with “Rocky.”

DSCN1968 (2)

I rebelled against the damned Rocky statute and took this instead.

What I’ve loved about my time here in Philly (besides soaking up the sister love), is the realization that you can find cool places to run, no matter where where you’re at.

Weekly mileage: 30-35 miles, blah, blah, blah

Cool news: There’s another race on my birthday this year (!!). Last year we ran the Knoya Ridge Race on my birthday (they had cupcakes and cookies after but sadly, it wasn’t in celebration of my birthday).

Me and Sarana

With Sarana, at the end of the Knoya Ridge Race (she kicked my butt, too).

This year the Anchorage Running Club’s Trent/Waldron Glacier Half Marathon is on my birthday. So sweet! I’m hoping to PR but probably I won’t. Because as soon as I get back to Alaska and the trails open up for the spring, I’ll forget about speed and pace and just want to run on the trails for a long, long time. My endurance will increase but my speed will go all to hell, not that I’m actually that fast to begin with, hee, hee.

Happy running, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Running update

  1. ariavie

    It’s hard to keep track of you these days. Where will Cinthia’s next post come from? Matt and I are talking about where we’ll move next and have decided we can’t live without mountains either. Speaking of which, I’ve got a tentative plan for Alaska in August. Up for the Santa Claus Half Marathon maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cinthiaritchie

      Oh, it would be so great to see you again, and Matt too. When is the Santa Claus Half? I’ll look it up and get back to you. Part of me wants to get faster in the half and part of me just wants to run this summer and have fun. Maybe I can do both, throw in weekly speedwork and, you know, embrace the pain
      Are you two going to be moving soon or are you just talking of moving?


    1. cinthiaritchie

      I know, Linda, we’re having the oddest weather lately. Alaska has had almost no snow either, from what I’ve heard (I scurried out of there in December and return in two weeks). Hope this means that we will all have sunny and warm and wonderful summers. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Cheers and a big writerly (and snowless) hug.


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