Autumn runs, and more dog love

It’s still autumn in Alaska, which means that the temps are holding in the upper 40s-50s range. Which also, of course, means that the running is awesome.

The sad thing is that I’m pretty deep into writing projects at the moment and haven’t had time to get away as far as I’d like (I’d love to head down to Seward and run the Lost Lake Trail before the snow hits but alas, that’s probably not gonna happen). I’ve been sticking to local trails and running through sun-filled skies and autumn leaves and, more often, cloudy-filled skies and autumn leaves. But still!


See that white blur on top of the mountain? Up here we call that termination dust.


And we have this girl back:



We co-parent Seriously with a wonderful woman who has a two-year-old daughter and also works captaining boats. We initially watched Seriously while she was out on the boat but it’s slowly morphed toward our watching Seriously most of the time, since the other owner’s life is busy and complicated with a toddler and a job that keeps her away from home for weeks at a shot. My partner and I love Seriously so much, love how she adds another layer of responsibility and confusion and unconscious joy to our days.



It’s odd, how much we love our pets, isn’t it? The way they burrow down deep inside our lives and become familiar as breath. Often when I’m out running trails and see so many other people with dogs and know that they love their dogs just as much and as intensely as I love Seriously, well, this gives me hope. The world isn’t always a fair or noble place and lately, it seems to be getting worse. And yet we as people, even as we make mistakes, even as we lie and cheat and hurt the ones we love, we still have our dogs, and we still open our hearts to them, even while knowing that they will be gone in ten or fifteen short years. We still do this. As I said, this gives me hope for mankind. Dogs give me hope for mankind.


P.S. I saw this gal on my run a few days ago. She looks pretty friendly, doesn’t she? Really, though, I think she was blissed-out on hormones. It’s rutting season and I passed a bull moose with huge antlers about a half mile down the trail so either love had just happened or was going to happen soon (I couldn’t help myself from singing this as we passed: “When the moon hits the moose like a big pizza pie, that’s amore”).


Last week’s stats:
Monday: 9.4 miles; weights; 60 minutes bike
Tuesday: 6 miles; 30 laps swim
Wednesday: 5 miles; weights; 45 minutes bike
Thursday: 4.4 miles (heavy, heavy rain)
Friday: Rest day, 64 laps swim
Saturday: 8.2 miles, hills
Sunday: 14.5 miles (brrrr, cold rain)

Have a great week, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Autumn runs, and more dog love

    1. cinthiaritchie

      Yes, yes, I was “seriously” lost without a furry companion. And it’s so odd how Seriously came into our lives. I met her once on a run, immediately thought, ‘I want her to be my dog,’ and a year she’s in my life. Karma has granted me a big gift. Hopefully I shall be worthy. Meows to Zooey, and you and Matt, too. Hugs.


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