C-c-cold running

Yeah, we had a bit of a cold run tonight. The temp was 14 out where we live and colder still along the water, which of course is where we chose to run.


Probably if we’d get our asses out the door earlier and run in the daylight we’d be warmer. But we can’t seem to manage this or, mostly, I can’t seem to manage this. I sit at the computer and pretend I’m writing but really I spend hours reading running blogs and daydreaming about the races I might-but-probably-will-never-run. I read books in the bathtub. I eat peanut butter, a lot of peanut butter. I, well, I’m not sure what I do with my time but it goes fast when there’s so little day light. (I think the sun came up around 10 a.m. today which is almost the afternoon.)

Here’s what I wore on our run. Don’t I look ridiculous? Like someone from a horror movie hiding in the woods with an axe. I was a tad bit overdressed in my core area and a tad bit under-dressed in my legs and butt region which meant, simply, that my ass was cold the whole time.


Here’s what it looked like a couple of grey days ago when we actually got ourselves out the door (gasp!) in the middle of the very short afternoon. Well, first we had to strap on our YakTraks because the trails were so icy that we actually ran faster up the hills than down (we had to walk some of the downhills, which was kind of depressing).


The next day the sun came up and really, it is so much more pleasant to run when it’s cold and sunny than cold and cloudy.

dscn2892 dscn2894


A raven contemplating the mysteries of the universe. See Denali (right) and Mt. Foraker (left) in the background?

I have a 20-miler coming up on Saturday, followed by a 10-miler on Sunday. Running 20 miles while dressed like an axe murderer will not be the most fun thing I’ve ever done but I’m sure I’ll plod my way through.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

P.S. I had an awesome Thanksgiving. My partner did all of the cooking. All I had to do was open a can of olives which, in my book, is the best way to cook.

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