Screwing around

The mission: To insert 24 screws in my trail shoes

The reason: Because the roads look like this (i.e., so I don’t fall on my ass running on ice)

The shoes:

My dirty and beloved Adidas trail runners. LOVE these babies and just bought another pair. They’e actually a mid-level shoe but the best thing to run trails I’ve tried. They’re and flexible, light and thankfully not overally cushioned (what’s up with these cushioned shoes that feel like walking on pillows and totally mess up your gait?). I trust ’em more than the $125 models littering my closet.

The screws:

These are 3/8 inch hex metal screws I picked up at the Fish House True Value hardware store.

The total cost: $2.73. Much cheaper than the Icebug shoes (already with traction) for $159 I’ve had my eye on.

A Trail Runners article recommened I use a power drill to help insert the screws.

“Nah, don’t waste your money,” the guy at the hardware store said. “Shoe bottoms are rubber, these will go right in.”

Cool, I thought.

I came home, got out the screwdriver and set to work.

I screwed. I muttered. I cursed.

It took me longer than it should have to realize while men might use screwdrivers, women totally need power drills.

Have no idea where to buy a reasonably priced power drill in Seward. Might have to wait until the next time I head up into Anchorage and wear clunky YakTrax until then.

Running: Sick today, no running, sigh, sigh (this is what happens when one does too many stories in the elementary school–all those cute kids, yeah, but all those germs)
Yesterday: 1 mile warmup/warmdown, 5.5 miles 8:27 pace (dreadmill, 1% grade)

Reading: Short story collection by Lee Smith. Gotta love southern humor.

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