Blue day

It was literally a blue day today. This is what the bay looked like when I walked the dog this afternoon:

Everything was tinted a lavender-blue fog. Very dreamy and still, with the tide coming in, and all around were crows and ravens; they were so near we could hear the sounds of their wings flapping.

Blah day. Worked through most of it and still didn’t make deadline. Which means I’ll have to work tomorrow morning to make up for it.

This is one of the things I did, shot photos on the beach of Kris Peck riding the ultimate wheel for an upcoming story (oh, my job is so hard sometimes, hee, hee):

The ultimate wheel is a unicycle without the seat, and this dude rides it for miles. Balanced only by his thighs. On the rocky beach. Without falling. It’s pretty amazing.

Really struggling with balancing work writing with novel and poetry writing while still finding time to run. Hate to say it but when things get thick and I’m up writing half the night, the first thing that has to go is my running. I end up reducing my miles waaaayy down and logging 3-4 miles instead of 8-9. At least I get out there, and that’s one positive thing. But still, it barely seems worth tying my shoelaces if I’m only going to run three miles.

But still (drumroll please), by the end of tomorrow I shall hopefully reach my goal of 1,000 miles by the end of the year. Yes! At this point I need only 6.8 miles. I’m actually ahead of my goal, tra-la-la.

Must go write. I’m almost finished with a new poem. Ah, poems are so wonderful, like small whispers of breath against your bare arm. Or at least this one. Or at least it will be if I ever figure out how to smooth the ending.

Running: 8.5 miles, slowish 9.40 pace, with last two miles 8:30 pace
Reading: A short story collection by Elizabeth Berg that I’m not too excited about. It’s okay but not great.
Craving: Vanilla soy ice cream, and they don’t sell my fav brand down here, sigh, sigh.

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