Hugging a tree and SHOPPING!

It’s Cyber Monday!

For those of us living in small Alaskan towns with limited shopping and NO running shops, this is almost as exciting as Christmas. Truly!

I had to work all day and am just getting down and dirty right now. The big moral dilemma, of course, is this: Because I have to cover a meeting in an hour (I’m a journalist, but please don’t hate me, okay?) I have limited time. Do I spend it shopping for myself or for everyone else?


On more serious note: Shot pics of the basketball game for work and this is what most of my shots looked like:

Everything all blurry. Of over 150 shots, only five were doable, sigh, sigh.

Here’s my fav. Tried to take a shot of two guys wrestling the ball and on the ground and got my feet and snowpants instead, hee, hee.

As far as the weather, it is WINDY. So windy that when I walked the dog by the beach I actually had to stop and hug a tree so that I wouldn’t be blown away. Too funny!

These poor jellyfish on the beach were really taking a pounding from the wind and waves.

I’m off to buy, buy, buy all the things I so miss: Running shoes, running shorts, running tights and running socks and sports bras and fuel belts and extra water bottles and extra puches for my fuel belt and, and, and ….

Hope everyone else had a blast buying and browsing!

4 thoughts on “Hugging a tree and SHOPPING!

  1. Shellyrm

    I think being a journalist sounds interesting. And seeing jelly fish right now would be better than the floating junk I watched floating today in the flood waters. I don't thin anyone has their trash cans or swingsets after the storm. No wait, someone down stream has them all. Heehee

    if you win the mixer, you have to send me some of the goodies!


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