Work, work (why do I gotta work?)

I’m propped up on the couch with my trusty laptop catching up on work. I work at home so this is what I see from my living room window:

It’s kinda hard to work. I just want to be up in the mountains but alas, too much copy to write today.

When I look out my other living room window, this is what I see:

This is Mt. Marathon, which I run up every summer in the annual Fourth of July Mt. Marathon Race, one of the most grueling and agonizing races in Alaska. It doesn’t look steep in this pic but it’s 3,066 feet up in one incredibly steep mile, with 50% grades in places. Kills the thighs: Ouch!

Here’s a pic of the men’s race. Those dots at the bottom are the buildings in town. The top finishers hurl themselves down the moutain in under 15 minutes. The footing is very rugged, and about half the racers finish with blood.

The first year I collapsed at the finish line and a woman threw up across my shoes. That’s when I thought, wow, I have to do this again.

Writing: NOT going well, sigh, sigh.

Reading: “the fever almanac,” poetry by Kristy Bowen–awesome!

Running: Didn’t run, rest day. Of course I was good and did stretches and yoga.

Yeah, right. This is what I did, very strenuous lifting up one spoonful after another, and the more I ate, the more exercise I got, hee, hee.

Hope everyone had a chance to be naugthy and indulge a little today.

2 thoughts on “Work, work (why do I gotta work?)

  1. ajh

    It's not too terrible out my living room windows but it is NOTHING like yours! Just gorgeous! I have read about that race before. Very impressive that you have done it!


  2. Ah Ah Alaska

    You and Emily should come up and run it. It's a blast. OK, that's a lie: It's an agony. But afterwards you truly believe that you can do anything.
    P.S. Your pics are gorgeous too. And you guys get “real” summers. Running in mittens in August isn't fun.


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