Me and the eagle, writing boring news copy together

Here’s the guy (gal?) that was watching me through the window this morning as I sweated over a loonnnggg news story I had to write about awful things like property taxes and general bonds and financial reports: Ahhhhhhh!

But the eagle really cheered me up. Think it was smirking at me. OK, really, I think it was eyeing the cats curled up beside me, hoping to grab himself a little lunch:

Had kind of a blah weekend. Actually, I slept most of the weekend. Not sure if I had a touch of flu or was simply exhausted but I slept 17 hours Saturday. This is what happens when you stay up until 5 and 6 a.m. working on a novel and then get up a few hours later for work, day in and day out, and still stupidly run. It catches up with you.

But I did get out to the Holiday Craft Carnival, where I met up with my neighbor, Stephen, who runs a carriage company. Here’s a pic of Ian, Stephen (you can kinda see the rim of his hat) and the folks he’s carting around:

Ian (that’s the horse) was really excited to see me, since I usually carry carrots around in my pockets to slip him whenever I pass the pasture, hee, hee.

 Fell in love with this family, the kids were so great (that’s a giant Rice Krispie treat the little one is eating, too funny):

And also HAVE to share what I found in the coolest and quirkest downtown shop (our downtown equals a handful of touristy stores, a couple bars and a cafe or two). Aren’t they the neatest thing in the world? Barbie doll shoe earrings! Real Barbie doll shoes too. I swear. I LOVE the idea, especially since the main character in my novel is an artist who does, um, very odd things with Barbie dolls. Here’s the earrings:

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Reading: Discovered the most wonderful new poet, Gregory Donovan. Check out his new work on 42Opus, especially “Sleepwalker in the Medicine Wheel,” which is one of the best poems I’ve read in months. I swear, I got chills reading it, it’s that good.

Running: Saturday: No running, too busy sleeping.
Sunday: Six miles trails/along the bay with the dog
Monday: 6 miles treadmill: 10:15, 9:15, 8:34, 8:34, 8:34, 8:34

2 thoughts on “Me and the eagle, writing boring news copy together

  1. Shellyrm

    Glad you got caught up on rest.

    My little has some kind of bug he just can't shake. It's hampering my morning runs but nice to spend a little extra time snuggling since he won't be little for very long.


  2. ajh

    The earrings are catchy! I love the eagle outside your window. What a shot. Keep the pics coming! My neighbors have draft horses that they use to cart people around. We used to get our Christmas tree with their horses and sleigh when the kids were little.
    I have not seen In Treatment. I'll have to try it.


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