Gray day

The clouds lifted and it finally, finally, finally stopped raining today–hooray! But it’s still grayish outside, and misty.

Kind of have the blahs today. It’s that time of year. The holidays are over and the light is coming back, but it’s creeping so slowly! (Come back, light, please???)

By mid-February the light will be back to a decent level. But the glory is that it will keep lengthening and expanding until summer, when I’ll be out hiking and running past midnight. Nothing is more beautiful than the standing on the top of a mountain in the Alaska twilight.

Until then, there is chocolate. And popcorn. And what the heck, maybe even chocolate melted over popcorn.

Hope everyone is having a brighter day.

Running: 12 miles

Reading: “A Mother’s Love,” Mary Morris

DVD: Watched “The Ultra Marathon Man.” It was okay, though not half as inspiring as “Spirit of the Marathon.” But Dean’s legs made it worthwhile. Watching his tanned calf muscles flex made me so hungry that I had to gnaw on pretzels to calm myself down.

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