Rain, rain, go away

Another day of rain. And rain. And even more rain. The dog and I sat inside, waiting for it to let up so that we could run the trails.

It got dark instead.

So I decided to eat dinner. Then, of course, it stopped raining. By the time my meal had digested, it was 9 p.m., so I put on my headlamp and took the dog out for a long hike on the beach and then up over the trails. It was very dark, since most of the snow has melted, and super slick in places, even with my Yaktraxs.

The tide was coming in and the beach was pitch black, and in the background the mountains rose up, covered in snow so that they looked white and fierce and magnificent.

The quiet beauty of it all took my breath away. I wanted to walk forever, keep on going through the slick trails and to the top of the mountain, but I had a work deadline so I had to return home, sigh, sigh.

Yet, glory of glory, guess what was in my mailbox when I stopped to check at the post office? We don’t have home mail delivery here, since the town is too small, so going to the post office is a delicious treat, so much more enjoyable than simply walking out to a box. It’s kind of like a small ceremony, and I try to enjoy it even when I just get bills.

But today, oh today, this was waiting for me:

Yes! The documentary on Dean Karnazes, who ran 50 marathons in 50 different states in 50 days.

So the BIG question right now is do I:
A. Finish my work deadline
B. Work on my final novel corrections
C. Watch the DVD

Guess which one I”ll probably end up doing, hee, hee.

I’m also reading the most marvelous book. Anyone who likes to read MUST read this. It’s “Girl With Glasses: My Optic History,” by Marissa Walsh, and it’s a memoir in little snippets about growing up wearing glasses. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and true and I swear, I just want to hug dear Marissa. Here is the pic on the jacket cover, don’t you just love her to pieces in her horrible glasse?

I love the book because I am also GWG, a girl who wear glasses, though in most of the pics I post on this blog I’m wearing contacts, since that’s what I wear when I run and hike. But I love my glasses, I do! I feel that they are a small shield between myself and the outside world. I have about five pairs and am ready to order another few pairs.

I get my glasses online at a variety of sites recommended by Ian over at Glassy Eyes. It’s a really cool blog that promotes reasonably priced eye glasses. Believe it or not, you can get a quality pair, complete, for under $30. My last pair was $4.99, complete, and I totally love them. They make me look like a stern librarian with an impish side. Too much fun!

Anyone out there have a chance to run with Dean when he did his marathon tour? He finished his last in 3 hours, after running 49 days of marathons. And then, instead of heading home, he ran from New York to St. Louis, just ’cause he could.

Wow, that’s dedication.

Speaking of dedication, Age Groups Rock is having a sock giveaway. And not just any socks but super colorful Cabot socks. Check ’em out, and imagine how cool you’d look wearing these with your running tights. Or better yet, how cool I’d look.

Happy running and reading, everyone

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