60 miles, and bye bye bonking

Yesterday I hit a goal I hadn’t hit in, oh, 25 years or so: a 60 mile week.

It was an awesome learning experience, too, because I bonked badly (and I mean badly) during the last five miles of last Monday’s 20-miler.

I blame this:

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not the gel’s fault (and I commend the Hammer folks for putting less sugar in their gels).

It’s me and my quirky system. I have hypoglycemia (i.e., low blood sugar), and eating any type of sugar results in a quick spike of my blood sugar, followed by a quick drop. When my blood sugar drops too low, I collapse. When it gets sorta low, I fall asleep and whoever is with me has to force orange juice down my throat (MM is a pro at this, hee, hee).

I’ve struggled with this during long runs. I know I need to keep my sugar levels up yet conventional methods contain too much sugar/carbs, which result in too much spiking. I’ve tried just about everything, and while protein bars work, they upset my stomach during long runs.

Then I found true love.

I found this:

This stuff is amazing! It contains no refined sugar, no high glycemic index sweetners and doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes.

I picked up some at REI and I have to admit that I was dubious. I tried it out that night on a 10-miler MP run. I slurped down a pack at the 5-mile mark and ran waayy over my MP, finishing with an average 8:35 pace. I felt great the whole way.

The next day, I took two more packets and hit the Campbell Creek/Hilltop trails for 20 mile trail run with lots (and I mean lots!) of hills, mud, rough footing–all the things I love.

I love running through spruce forests, so quiet and peaceful.

I never bonked. My mood never slipped. I never felt foggy or irritable, the way I get when my blood sugar lowers.

And while my legs ached and the constant hills in the middle of the run took their toil, I finished smiling.

Yes, I finished a grueling 20-mile run with a dumb smile across my face.

It felt SO good to not experience blood sugar swings, to run and stay centered.

Something you probably don’t see on trails in the Lower 48.

So today I’m feeling strangely optimistic. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, I can finish a 50 mile race after all (how easy it is to dream of running while lounging on the sofa!).

Also hiked up Wolverine Peaks trail but the snow was too deep for The Beebs and we had to turn back (her poor old hips kept getting stuck, poor dear).

Me and The Beebs heading up Wolverine Peak

MM trying to look cool.
Snow–in mid-May!!
Sunset. Can’t get enough of these.

Running: 60 miles (yippeee!!)

Writing: My book publication date has been set: Feb. 5 (!!)

One thought on “60 miles, and bye bye bonking

  1. Karen

    I'm glad you found something that worked for you! How awesome! I feel like I had a breakthrough like this last summer when I started using electrolyte tabs, no more crazy bonks!


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