My birthday race

How nice of the Anchorage Running Club to hold a race on my birthday weekend! (Thanks, guys)

Actually, the Trent/Waldron Glacier Half Marathon honors mother and son runners Marcie Trent and Larry Waldron, who were killed by a bear attack while running the Turnagain Arm Trails (my favorite trails!) about 13 years ago.

It’s a low-key, local race over paved bicycle trails along Chester Creek. Mainly flat, with a few, brief hills.

Photo credit???

Basically, fast.

The agonizing thing is that I cannot (Can Not!) race fast, since I have a 25-30 mile trail run scheduled for the next day.

My goal is to run a conservative 1:55-1:57ish time.

I rarely race conservatively so it will be a great learning experience on holding back.

Another cool thing is that this race only costs $20 for members and $25 for all others. You simply cannot beat that.

Lucky 222–me hopes.

Wednesday night we took The Beebs and walked for miles along the trails past the sand dunes at Kincaid Park.

Yes, Alaska has sand dunes–wild.

Photo credit: Ben Anderson/Alaska Dispatch

It was about 10 p.m., not yet sunset, and the tide was coming in so that all the way back we heard the sing of the waves against the shore.

It was a magical walk. Silver-blue skies, sand in our shoes and cottonwood and alder trees lurching out around us.

Photo credit: Ben Anderson/Alaska Dispatch

Yesterday it rained, and I took The Beebs for a walk out by Campbell Creek and we saw a fox (again). I didn’t have my camera but it was a beautiful reddish color with a gorgeous tail.

Alaska is SO awesome in the summer.

Race report coming soon.

Happy running, and Memorial Day, everyone (Memorial Day is my birthday. I’m so important that everyone gets the day off, hee, hee.)

One thought on “My birthday race

  1. Karen

    I'm thinking of a marathon re-do after what happened in Green Bay last weekend. The re-do is my wedding anniversary, so I thought maybe Hubby could pace me and we run together. My first marathon (his third) was the weekend of our anniversary too (Mayor's in Anc–kind of a brutal first marathon if you ask me).

    I hope your birthday race rocks! Happy Birthday too!


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