Met my goal

I did it!

I ran the Trent/Waldron Glacier Half Marathon instead of racing it and perfectly hit my goal: 1:56:12

It was very, very difficult to hold back. It was, in fact, frustrating, especially since everyone went out fast. I picked off a lot of people on the way back, simply because I maintained an even pace. I chicked about 12 guys. Love doing that! A few of them really didn’t want me to pass and sped up, and I drafted off their shoulders until they exhausted themselves, poor dudes.

Next up: 25 mile trail run in the mountains tomorrow: Lots of steep inclines, lots of sweat, lots of mud and roots and rocks and pain. Oh, I cannot wait.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Met my goal

  1. Karen

    I love passing people going the same steady pace I started out with!! Congrats on reaching your goal so well. A two minute window doesn't leave much room for errors and you completely kicked butt! 🙂 nice job!


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