The coolest thing happened during last night’s 14 mile run on the Coastal Trail.

I looked down at my Garmin and I was at exactly 8.31 miles and running exactly an 8:31 pace. I was matchy-matchy!

It was so exciting. I wanted to take a picture so I slowed down to get my camera out of my fuel pack, but when I slowed down my pace slowed and the numbers changed. Bummer.

Still, I could run for the rest of my life and never have that randomly happen.

Mood view from the Coastal Trail last night

We’re up to almost 19 hours of daylight. Here’s a pic of the Smokejumper Trail from last weekend. I took it around 10 p.m. on a sunny evening.

Love birches! They always remind me of a Robert Frost poem.

Notice how I’m not in any of the pictures? This is because I haven’t washed my hair in five days. And in those five days I’ve run over 50 miles. It’s like: Why wash my hair when I’m just going to run and get it sweaty? This is what happens when you’re home writing all day. You become kind of crazy. You become, okay, a little slumpy.

I will have to wash my hair in October, though, because I’ll be here:

I was awarded a month-long writing residency at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska.

When I applied, I listed September for my first choice, so that I could sneak away and run the Omaha Marathon, hee, hee. But I guess I’m not supposed to sneak away, eh? Whatever the case, I’m so thankful for the opportunity. Imagine: Nothing to do but write all day, all night. Oh-oh-oh!

Tonight, we’re hiking/running Flattop. I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Happy running, everyone.

Running: 14 miles
Writing: Finished my essay. I spent over 25 hours writing and editing an essay that might (but not for certain) be picked up by an obscure literary magazine, where I’ll be graciously awarded two free copies as payment. Why, oh why, do I write?

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