Six slow miles with my best friend

Today I ran the Turnagain Trail with The Beebs.

Since she’s been limpy lately, we had to take it slow.

Poor girl just turned 12. Happy birthday, Beebs!

I thought that running slow would be tedious but I actually enjoyed it. I was able to notice more: The smells and sounds, and oh, the violets blooming and dandelions shouting cheerful spots of yellow.

I didn’t wear my watch and it was no-stress, stop at every stream (Beebs hates the heat), and savor the moment kind of day.

View around mile 2.

The trail is shaded, with views of the inlet and mountains. But what I love most is this:

Roots and rough footing!

We encountered a moose right before mile 3. It was a trail moose, more skittish than city moose, and it ran off before I could snap a decent picture.

See that blurred spot in the left-hand corner? That’s a moose. Really!
Guess what burly critter left this??

It was a relaxing, low-key run, and I think my body, and my mind and soul, really needed to tone it down and just linger.

Beebs hopped in the stream at the end of the run and refused to get out.

Until I uttered the magic word:

Yeah, I seriously stopped at the supermarket and bought a steak for the dog. I’m a vegetarian, too.(Yep, I’m one of those sappy and pathetic dog owners.)

Tomorrow, it’s back to serious running again but today, oh, today was a much-needed interlude.

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