A good day

I had the most perfect day today.

Earlier, I was honored with about 26 other Alaska Artist with a Rasmuson Foundation $5,000 grant. There was a cool reception Monday night (with veggie food–gotta love it) and an award ceremony this morning.

Photo credit: Rasmuson Foundation (I’m the blonde in the back with the messy hair)

It was nice to mingle with other artists and writers. The life of a writer is pretty isolating and you don’t get many ego boosts. Mostly, you get rejection. And rejection. And yet more rejection.

But walking downtown to the award ceremony this morning(yes, I finally washed my hair), I passed Sixth Avenue and F Street and what I thought wasn’t: “I’m walking to receive a prestigious writing award.” I thought: “I’m walking past where I finished my first marathon last summer.”

Start/finish of the Big Wildlife Marathon: I’m back there, waaayyy back there, somewhere.

I swear, I almost got tears in my eyes.

Of course, once I was in the Alaska Performing Arts Center, I forgot all about running. I forget about writing, too.

Because when my name was called and they read off my bio (making me sound better than I really am–don’t you love when they do that?) and I walked up to receive my award, it hit me: Uh-oh, I forgot to wear a bra.

I was mortified. They were filming the event for a live Webcam coverage, too.

Luckily I had on a loose black dress. And luckily, I am not very well endowed, so I suppose my mistake wasn’t apparent to anyone except myself. (But, still!)

Now, back to running.

Except, I didn’t run today.

Tomorrow is my last 20-miler with MM before the Mayor’s Marathon, June 23. Then he’s heading for taper mode and I’m packing in more long runs, since I’m also training for an ultra in July.

I probably won’t taper for the marathon. This gives me a good excuse if I do poorly. “Oh,” I’ll say, with a lofty toss of my unwashed hair, “It was just a practice run for my ultra.” (And if I do poorly in the ultra, I’ll say, “Oh, I spent so much time training for the marathon that I couldn’t squeeze in enough long runs.” I love my clever mind, hee, hee.)

Last night we took The Beebs halfway up Flattop. Pics coming soon. (Um, MM, where are those pictures??)

Hope everyone had an awesome and blessed day.

2 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Karen

    The Mayor's was my first marathon. I ran it with the hubby on our anniversary weekend. Looks like this year it falls on our exact date, we should have come up for it! The course is pretty tough, have fun 🙂


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