Running in the paradise

Oh, wow, Hawaii is awesome. We stayed in Kona, up in the mountains the first night, where we took one of the best trail runs. I loved running in the heat. I loved sweating. It was truly magical.

Then we drove down to the coast and stayed at the most wonderfully and outrageously touristy hotel, the Hilton WaikWaikoloa Village. It had everything: Paved walkways, waterfalls, a saltwater lagoon plus swimming pools galore.

We stuffed our rugged Alaska personas aside and became gluttonous tourists.

View from our hotel balcony. See what I mean? Over the top, but delicious.

MM had to trudge off to conferences most of the day while I suffered to find ways to amuse myself. Oh, life is so hard in paradise!

What I loved best were the evenings, so warm and balmy. MM and I walked the beach every night in just shorts and tee shirts, and after dark we lay in the sand and listened to the waves and watched the moon swim through the clouds. It was magical. (In Alaska, I wear fleece in the summer and my hands are always, always cold).

Still, it was so hot on the coast that I had to run on the treadmill, not a fun thing to do in the summer. Even though I miss the heat, it was nice to return home to the rain, cool temps and the Olympics.

Running: 35 miles (while on vacation)
Reading: How to Be Lost and Love Stories in This Town by Amanda Eyre Ward and Shadow Tag by
Louise Erdrich

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