Trail runs in the sun

We’ve been having “hot” weather up here in Alaska! Yesterday it almost reached 70. This is a HUGE deal up here, especially since we had one of the coldest Julys on record.

This probably won’t garner much sympathy from Lower 48ers wilting in the heat. But cold and rainy weather, day after day after day, with no hint of the sun, can really bum a peson out. Especially when snow falls two short months later.

So this is heaven:

Powerline Pass Trail. Look at the sun shadows over the mountains. Can anything be more gorgeous?

This was from a run earlier in the week but threw it in anyways ’cause it’s sunny and there’s a mountain.

I love how perplexed I look in this photo, hee, hee.
Note MM’s socks. For months he was wearing calf-length socks on runs and it drove me crazy. He finally bought some “real” running socks, and I’m much, much happier running behind him.

Last week, SS and I took an evening run from McHugh Lake to Rabbit Lake, with her dog, Ika (poor Beebs was too limpy to make the 10.8 mile run, sigh, sigh). It was awesome, though cold when the wind hit us in the valley. Still, I’d rather be cold and out running trails than warm and inside.

SS and Ika.
Me and Ika. Look at the view in the background–awesome!
What I love about running in the mountains is the silence. SS and I passed three hikers early in the run and then no one else until Rabbit Creek. After that, we were alone again. I love that so, so much.

McHuge Lake, which is kinda scrappy. Rabbit Lake is much better but it was too cold; I couldn’t get my fingers to unzip my pack pocket.

SS and Ika. Again, look at the views. Oh Alaska, I love thee in the summer!

Can you believe that when I first moved up to Alaska, years and years ago, I hated it? I lasted three months and then scurried back down to Arizona. I returned a year later, lasted three years and again scurried back to Arizona. Finally I came back for good. Alaska’s like that. It’s obstinate and moody and rough and unforgiving, but it gets under your skin. It won’t let go. And for some reason, I love that.

As for running, I’ve been averaging 40-45 miles a week, mostly trail runs but some track speedwork and pavement tempo runs.

Good news: My sister arrives Thursday. We’re running (not racing!) the Big Wild Life Half Marathon Sunday. We do this each year. It’s kind of a tradition. And since MM is out of town (too bad, babe), we’re taking over his house, his TV (I don’t have a TV) and wireless (ditto on wireless–I live with almost no writing distractions) and plan of lounging around after the race eating pretzels and watching trashy movies.

We also might go ziplining out by Matanuska Glalcier: Wheeeee!!

Happy running, everyone. I’m off to soak up a little more sunshine. Hope you’re all doing the same.

2 thoughts on “Trail runs in the sun

  1. Karen

    “Finally I came back for good. Alaska's like that. It's obstinate and moody and rough and unforgiving, but it gets under your skin. It won't let go. And for some reason, I love that.”

    I totally identify with this part. You're right!!

    I also love how you can tell MM has been wearing calf length socks, there's a major difference between his calf and thigh color. hehe. 🙂


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