Sunset and blurry moose

Oh, we’ve had sunshine lately, days and days of sunshine!

Okay, the sun hasn’t been out all the time, but it has been peeking in and out with much frequency. To anyone in Alaska, this equals summertime at its finest. (Sun + long days = pure bliss)

The sunsets have been incredible.

The running, however, hasn’t been as great. I bonked on a 12.5 miler yesterday, have no idea why.

Well, of course I know why. My final pass novel edits arrived and I spent over a week with almost no sleep as I obsessed over every word (did I really need a comma there? That sentence there? Did that one word ruin the cadence of that one line of dialogue?). I was exhausted and stressed, and it was most noticeable during runs.

But I did get in my runs (slow as they may have been) and yesterday, after spending 14 hours of straight editing, where I stayed up until 9 a.m., I zapped my edits back to New York, crawled into bed and sleep like a rock for six hours.

When I woke up, I worked out on the elliptical and then scurried over to the airport to pick up my sister, who arrived from Philly to run the Big Wild Life half-marathon Sunday.

Fun times!

We went to the expo today but I forgot my camera, so no pics. But I do have a pic of a huge moose with a big rack that I saw on the Coastal Trail the other night. It’s pretty dark but it you look hard you may be able to see it, hee, hee.

And more clearly, The Beebs at the beach.

Happy running everyone, and have a great weekend.


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