Hiking and running in Seward

Oh,oh, oh!

MM and I went back “home” to Seward this past weekend, so I could sign copies of Dolls Behaving Badly at Cover to Cover bookstore.

The weather was perfect, sunny and in the 30s. We walked the beach and Two Lakes trail with the dog and then tackled Mount Marathon Bowl on Saturday and Lost Lake on Sunday. So. Much. Fun.

I am totally homesick for Seward right now. Odd how I consider it home, even when I only lived there for two years. But the place has captured a piece of my soul. MM and I even looked a cute little house to possibly buy for a summer home over the next couple of years but it unfortunately wasn’t right for us.

Enough words. Time to share some pics from our weekend.

View of Resurrection Bay from Fourth Avenue.
View of Mt. Benson from downtown Seward.
Part of downtown Seward.
View of Resurrection Bay from Mount Marathon Bowl.
View from halfway up Mount Marathon.
Looking down from Mount Marathon.
Heading up the stairs to check out the new Seward Library.
Shiny new library. Isn’t it cool? The outside changes colors depending on the angle of the sunlight.
View from one of the Seward Library windows.

I’m totally ready to move back to Seward. (Come on, MM. Quit your job and let’s move down to Seward. We’ll be aging hippies and do nothing but run, hike, visit the library, drink coffee at the Sea Bean and walk the beach, okay?)

10 thoughts on “Hiking and running in Seward

  1. Karen

    Looks like an unusually beautiful weekend, I'd feel the same way….in fact I do, only about Fairbanks instead. It is nice you live close enough to visit more often 🙂


  2. ajh

    I guess I need to put Seward on my places to visit. I was in Target the other day with a friend and I was telling her about your book. There it was in Target in the best sellers and she had already been perusing it! Pretty exciting! I could tell her I “knew” you!


  3. Cinthia

    Maybe someday we'll end up in our “dream” towns and then we can meet in the middle in Anchorage–too funny! Cheers and hope you're still buzzing on your Alaska high.


  4. Cinthia

    How cool! My little book in a Target in Vermont! Thanks for letting me know. And yes, you must visit Seward in the summer one day. It is stunning, at least when the weather is good.


  5. Cinthia

    Ha, ha, Mary–so true! Seward is so perfect when the sun shines and I'm only there for a weekend. Wouldn't it be great to have three or four part-time houses in awesome towns and then flit back and forth between them?


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